A pleasurecraft is often connoted as a reward for oneself for their hard work.
Shouldn't that be cherished and protected unconditionally?

What is Pleasurecraft Insurance?

Insurance for your pleasurecraft or watercraft can put your mind at ease. Should your boat get stolen, damaged in an accident or through natural perils such as lightning, your insurance coverage will come in very handy. Furthermore, should the boat cause any injuries or damage to other properties, your policy will protect you from further costs. Why take the risk when you can mitigate it?

What does Pleasurecraft Insurance cover?

In a typical watercraft policy, the following coverage will help minimize your costs:

Property Coverage
  • Whether your boat is on land or at sea, your boat is at risk of damage. Consequently, you will want to repair your boat. Your insurance coverage will allow you to minimize the amount you have to pay for repairs.
  • Should your boat get stolen, the insurer will help you replace the boat, based on its depreciated value.
Liability Coverage
  • If your boat causes an accident that damages another person’s property, the incurred expenses can be quite expensive. Your insurance coverage will protect you from paying hefty damage costs.
Medical Payments
  • In the unfortunate circumstance that your boat has caused an accident, resulting in injuries to your passenger(s), the policy will aid you in covering the cost of medical fees such as x-rays, medication and physician fee. 

How important is Pleasurecraft Insurance?

Your boat is used at a time of leisure and relaxation, often as a way of rewarding yourself for your successes. Such an investment should be taken with care, but with extra expense on insurance, you can protect your boat all year round, not to mention that marinas often require you to have insurance to dock at their ports. Risks, often natural risks, occur unexpectedly, even if it is in storage. Natural disasters such as fire, flooding, typhoon can damage your boat or yacht, and pleasurecraft insurance covers all kinds of hazards. Moreover, other exposures such as fire, theft, vandalism and more can occur when it is left unattended. Hence, it is highly recommended to have pleasurecraft insurance for your own good.


Who needs Pleasurecraft Insurance?

Whether you own a yacht, speedboat or racing boat, you will find a pleasurecraft policy useful. Even if you offer it for rent, or do not use it as frequently, a pleasurecraft insurance is likely to financially protect you as its high risks of damage could potentially hamper the future usage of the boat should there not be adequate care.

How much does a Pleasurecraft Insurance policy cost?

Typically, a pleasurecraft insurance will take into account the following factors in determining the premium
  • Coverages and deductibles that you select
  • Type and size of boat
  • Where the boat is used and stored


At CHAZ, we are highly equipped to deal with all sorts of claims. We understand the need for competent risk protection and strive toward providing that with attention to detail and acceptable pricing.

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