Group Health

Medical bills can be costly,
so what better way to take care of your employees than with health insurance.

What is Group Health Insurance?

The number one priority for everyone should be your health and nothing has affirmed the notion more than the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It’s importance has gained deserved attention over the course of the pandemic, as companies began to scour ways to protect their employees. With group health insurance, employees can use their medical insurance card at hospitals and their only expenses are the excess limit should the bill exceed the coverage plan. This will undoubtedly give employees a peace of mind.

What does Group Health Insurance cover?

There are a multitude of options to choose from in how you would prefer to provide coverage for your employees. While there is compulsory coverage for In-patient (IPD), there is an abundance of other options to choose in addition to IPD, including Out-patient (OPD), Life, Dental and Vision. IPD coverage includes doctor visits, surgeon fees, room & board and other miscellaneous costs. Each coverage has its limit and can differ from plan to plan.

How important is Group Health Insurance?

Research has shown that there is a shift in focus from company-centric to employee-centric, as tt provides a sense of motivation for employees, allowing employers to retain a hard working group of employees. What’s more, employees feel a greater sense of security as a wider pool of medical care options due to the insurance's ability to provide cover can not only represent a form of financial security, but provide greater opportunities for superior recuperation from injuries or illnesses. Conversely to individual health insurance, there are no waiting periods, meaning your employees can use this benefit whenever they need. All in all, the added benefit can enhance employee motivation and thus result in an increase in productivity.

Who needs Group Health Insurance?

In the modern day, the amount of information for prospective employees is far-reaching and highly extensive. This means that each prospective will have much more information available on their hands in their decision making for their careers. Hence, if you are a company who wants to be held in high regard and being known to not only produce high productivity but also ensure that employees are happy and motivated, then having group health insurance can be instrumental in providing such outcomes.

How much does a Group Health Insurance policy cost?

There are a number of factors that affect costs. Below are the main factors that insurer uses in order to determine premium:

  • Claim history
  • Plan limit
  • Optional coverage
  • Number of head count


At CHAZ, we are confident your needs can be satisfied, no matter how big or small your business is. We can capitalize on our close-knit relationship with insurers through decades of doing business together. Our tireless claim team, dedicating to only health claims, can also process and deal with any complications and act in your best interest.

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