Our responsibility is to lay the path for the future generation,
so it is our responsibility to curtail any stumbling block
thay may prevent them from reaching their potential.
The education industry is the backbone that function as a foundation for kids to fulfill their dreams and reach their potential. An underherald importance of schools is that they can connect with every part of our communities; from teaching our children, helping our parents embrace the future and providing guidance for anyone in between. The impact education has is therefore unquestionable and the influence these educators have should not be taken for granted. As the rewards of education are high, there should be an emphasis on continuity in the workforce as well as having astute risk management.

International Schools

Term fees for international schools are hefty and the competition is increasing rapidly. More and more investments are being devoted to the school’s infrastructure in order to provide the best environment for students. The school’s reputation is of the utmost importance so it is pivotal to include insurance as part of the management’s crisis solutions. The school’s reputation can be damaged in numerous ways as third parties, students and teachers are all susceptible to perils. Although insurance can be considered as a form of protection that you hope you never use, you will feel grateful should these risks turn out to be incidents.


Extra Curricular

Often when kids, or adults find their passion, there is a desire to hone their skills and improve as much as possible. For this to happen, a specialized teacher is often required. It is crucial to create an environment that allows these students to thrive. However, despite their best efforts, sometimes accidents happen, such as knocking a coffee onto the piano or hitting tennis balls on to the student. With insurance, any defence costs can be covered among a bevvy of additional benefits.


Private Tutoring

As students grow up, the pressure to do well rises. Universities are on the horizon and the competition continues to be fierce. Certain students may crumble under pressure or underperform, leading to unsatisfied parents blaming their tutors. This may cause a messy problem as parents may ask for some money back. These risks can be mitigated with insurance and will absolutely keep your mind at ease.



At CHAZ, we understand the risks and importance of the education industry. Our experience of working with numerous schools can put us in good stead and our trust from clients can be multiplied by our meticulous attention to detail.

Important Disclosure

Through our vast experience, CHAZ Insurance Brokers Ltd. recognizes and understand that each and every business, organization and industry are unique in their own ways and can have completely different risks. Henceforth, the content provided are solely examples of the risks that may or many not be relevant to your business. To learn more, contact us on the form below.

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