Where the stakes are high,
the risks are higher

As the world evolves, the financial sector continues to see an acceleration in the pace of business. In turn, the challenges are also becoming increasingly unique, as threats of cyberattacks, market volatility and heightened public scrutiny and regulation can be detrimental to an organization's future. These challenges present high risks which require higher protection than merely protecting funds.

Investment Banking

In investment banking, the stakes are high as financial decisions are made on behalf of their client. The nuances involved in this profession require technical and complex knowledge. A mistake could lead to a chain of unfortunate events, including reputational harm. It is imperative to withstand regulatory investigation in order to protect investors. Cyber risks are also on the rise and with firms transferring their IT infrastructure to the cloud, a single breach can incapacitate the whole ecosystem, creating cyber hurricanes. Hence, it is vital to have the right cyber protection. Whether it is investment managers, investment advisors, private equity or venture capital firms, it is important to consider insurance as a means to protect your risk.


Financial Technology or Fintech is one of the fastest growing sectors, as its dynamism and unmatched potential in innovation has taken the world by storm. Through leveraging a diverse range of technology, not limited to big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and mobile apps, it has helped solve a multitude of problems in what was once considered a traditional industry. Although revamping institutions has shown its eminence, its proposition is still in its infancy and the risks remain paramount. 

Evaluating Risks
1. Cyber Attacks
With disruption such as fintech, there is a propensity to get sued by a financial body, and although it is a major concern, it is not the only obstacle. Its cutting edge technology can pose serious risks such as cyber attacks and data breaches. In fintech, a plethora of sensitive information is handled, so therefore a company's proprietary information is highly suscpetible in getting stolen, viewed or copied. Thus, staving off unforeseen ransomware assaults is vital and necessary. If sensitive data is held hostage, the potential damage is exponentially greater than other industries. Cyber criminals value data that fintech companies possess, such as credit cards and social security numbers. Consequently, recovery from cyber attacks can be difficult and treacherous.


We understand the unique challenges that financial firms and institutions face and the magnitude of impact it has on the world. Our deep knowledge in the industry allows us to uncover and mitigate hidden risks and exposures. With vast resources and contacts with various upper echelon carriers on our fingertips, we are able to develop and tailor solutions to your needs.

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