Industrial All Risks

Your machinery could breakdown, your office could have water leakages or your factory could get lit on fire.
What are the consequences and how tough is the recovery?

What is Industrial All Risks Insurance?

Essentially a property insurance policy, Industrial All Risks or IAR is an insurance policy that covers any loss or damage to your property. It is considered as a wider and more comprehensive cover than the traditional "fire" insurance.

What does Industrial All Risks Insurance cover?

An IAR policy covers practically all risks and perils on your property that a business may encounter during its operation. Unlike fire insurance, no named perils are needed for coverage. As each business has different demands and unique risks, it also allows extension coverage. Whether you are a small sized, medium sized, or large organization, the policy intends to you protect you financially from potential risks from unexpected accidents or natural disasters, based on the value of insured properties specified in the policy. Thus, it is recommended to keep an eye on valuations of buildings, stocks, machinery, fixtures, fittings and other contents to avoid complications in the event of a claim.

How important is Industrial All Risks Insurance?

Traditionally, businesses who are less willing to spend on insurance often only take out fire insurance. However, IAR covers and protects businesses' risks in a more comprehensive manner and is more cost effective than fire insurance. Afterall, your business property allows your business to function and having broader protection from risks and perils is often a sensible decision. Hence, IAR can mitigate the losses far more than fire insurance, leaving more promise for recovery and a bigger peace of mind.

Who needs Industrial All Risks Insurance?

Given the name "All Risks", we recommend that all types of business and industries should have IAR in their insurance locker. Whether you are a restaurant, retail shop, factory, commercial building or office, there are contents that could potentially get damaged and an IAR policy can alleviate the financial burden.

How much does an Industrial All Risks policy cost?

The premium varies from one policy to another as the following factors play a part in determining the premium:

  • Type of occupancy
  • Coverage and deductibles
  • Insured value
  • Photos of building structure and any other relevant assets
  • Area and its surroundings
  • Existing risk management policies
  • Extension coverage
  • Photos of building structure and any other valued properties


We are highly equipped to handle IAR claims as our team has deep experience and has handled a variety of claims ranging from small-scale to large sums. At CHAZ, we have seen the evolution of the IAR solution to businesses throughout the years and we continue to put our utmost effort in ensuring exhaustive coverage is met with a reasonable price.

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