You face a lot of risks on the road,
but insurance shouldn’t be one of them.

What is Motor Insurance?

To put it simply, motor insurance acts as a buffer to your financial health in the event of an accident. The insurer can pay for medical costs, damage to cars, and liability costs as per the policy the coverage.

What does Motor Insurance cover?

There are 3 standard things that are covered in a motor insurance policy. You can find the details below:

Property: When your car is damaged or stolen.
Liability: Your legal responsibility to others for property damage, bodily injury or death
Medical: The cost of injury treatment and rehabilitation.

Ultimately, subject to underwriting, you can pick your own types of coverage. Below is a brief breakdown and comparison of the elements of each types of cover:


Furthermore, extension coverages that can be found in all types of policies can be found below:

  • Bail Bonds
  • Loss of life, dismemberment and total permanent disability for driver and members in the vehicle from personal accidents
  • Medical expenses

Please note that while there is coverage, the limit may not exceed what is stated in the policy.

Moreover, a Compulsory Motor Insurance is also enforced in addition to the motor insurance, provides coverage for injuries of loss of life from persons in the vehicle as well as third parties.

How important is Motor Insurance?

It does not matter how assured you think you are on the road, accidents do happen and when they do, you can be financially impacted without insurance. Not only can the costs pile up due to repairs and medical costs, but you may be legally liable should you be at fault. It can be distressing before you know it.

Who needs Motor Insurance?

By all accounts, all vehicles should be insured. This includes any businesses who uses trailors or forklifts. To better equip for any unprecedented motor accidents, it is recommended to have level 1 insurance as it provides the least chances of any financial impact on yourself.

How much does a Motor Insurance policy cost?

There are several factors that plays a role in determining the price of a motor insurance. You can find the fundamental factors below:

  • Coverage Limit: The cost will reflect the coverage you select; the more extensive products, the higher the risk for insurers and therefore the more expensive the premium.
  • The Vehicle: Insuring a more expensive car will be more expensive than a cheaper car. The model and year of car can also influence the price.
  • Claims History: A car that has had many claims can see their premiums spike up.
For both business and personal, it is also recommended to have the policy commencement at the same time for a better price.


At CHAZ, our claim teams can be the first point of contact should any accident occur. Our team can guide and adivse on the next steps so you can continue with your life without any worries or concerns.

Important Disclosure

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